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Cherry Pick Talent talk campaign management and relationship-building

Cherry Pick Talent scooped the bCreator Award for the Gaming Creator Marketing Campaign in 2023, the second year in a row they’ve won in this category! The team, who are spread across the globe, got together at the Awards to celebrate a successful year which included attending Vidcon and working with MrBeast, Epic Games and Mediatonic. The results from their winning campaign for ‘Fall Guys: Free for All’ speaks for itself, so we were keen to catch up with the team and find out how they pulled it off!

Can you sum up what this campaign entailed and what challenges you faced along the way?

This campaign truly exemplified a collaborative team-effort endeavor, as we teamed up with Epic Games and Mediatonic to craft an influencer strategy seamlessly integrated into the game’s overarching marketing efforts, showcasing its multi-faceted nature.

To start, we kicked things off with announcement livestreams, featuring some of the gaming world’s most recognizable personalities co-streaming the incredible Fall Guys announcement.

Following that, a month later, the game was launched, and we collaborated with creators across the spectrum of verticals, spanning gaming, comedy, skits, and even VFX, resulting in a video that garnered an impressive 199 million views, promoting the Fall Guys: Free for All.

Fall Guys also sponsored Vidcon in June of 2022, establishing a huge presence at the event. Their booth had pride of place at the event and we were on-site to support creator content creation, creator liaison and be a shoulder to lean on for our trusted partner, Epic Games.

Finally, we also orchestrated and supported on extra activations with Mr Beast and Fuslie’s streaming house

Our most significant challenge revolved around the tight timeline for launch. With the objective of generating a massive social impact, we had to ensure that all content pieces were released within a two-day window, commencing from the game’s launch. This demanded meticulous attention to detail and a close alignment with creators capable of meeting such a rapid turnaround. We take great pride in the talented individuals we collaborated with, who successfully rose to the occasion and played a pivotal role in supporting this extensive campaign.

What is your favourite part of the campaign development process?

It all begins with meticulous planning and strategy, which truly excites us and gets our hearts racing!! Getting in the room with the client and understanding their goal and objectives, and falling in love with the product.  From there, we embark on the creative process, carefully selecting creators we believe best align with the brand.

For the campaign management team, there is no greater feeling than pulling together a kick ass campaign – and overcoming any challenges – that is successful, fun, and a team effort.

How do you find creators, or how can creators be noticed by you?

We rely – perhaps uniquely these days! – on a mixed approach of good ol’ fashioned relationships and data tools that allow us to combine the human approach with the insight of data. 

Too often agencies depend upon platforms to suggest creators that aren’t interested in a product vertical. Moreover, since we’re in the business of getting to know the creators we work with, we have vital insight into who’s doing what, where and when. Not a fan of gaming? We won’t hammer down your door with a partnership with the latest and greatest gaming brand. But if you share your skincare routine and we know you’re looking for the next best SPF – you better believe we’ve presented your channel to our skincare client.

It’s all about balance, knowledge and relationship-building.

Your team is spread across the globe, what does the future look like for Cherry Pick Talent?

The future is bright!! We are constantly honing our expertise and elevating our capabilities to provide top-notch strategies, insights, campaign execution, and performance for our clients, which will always be a paramount focus for us. In an ever-evolving industry, we are always in a learning mode and have no intention of slowing down – we’re charging full steam ahead!

But it doesn’t stop there. Growth is on our mind (all the time) and we’re excited to continue to service our incredible clients while taking on new clients and new verticals while finding fresh and innovative ways for them to work with creators. 

Cherry Pick Talent

Britt Bagnall founded Cherry Pick in 2016 as a way to support brands who wanted to make influencers a part of their marketing day in and day out. Since CPT do not represent any talent, they are in a position to act as an extension of brands’ marketing teams and focus on cherry picking the right talent for every activation and moment. Clients range from Epic Games to HelloFresh to Glasses Direct to Playtika and enlist the help and social power from influencers to celebrities to athletes to pets!