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The Curious Pixie talks about creating a viral content series & being a TikTok local ambassador

The Curious Pixie started travel blogging 7 years ago as a passion project alongside working in TV and being a mother. Since then Sima has gone on to become a full time creator, a TikTok London Ambassador and now a bCreator Award winner!
We spoke to Sima about this ambassadorship, as well as her profound trip to Nepal with World Vision…

You’re a TikTok London Ambassador, how did this opportunity come about and what has the experience been like for you?

TikTok were on the hunt for Local Ambassadors and asked creators to submit a TikTok on their local area and I was one of the lucky chosen ones from the thousands of entries. 

The role comes with great perks like invites to special events and the opportunity to be the first to experience new London attractions. Access to TikTok workshops and masterclasses and best of all forging connections with other Local Ambassadors from around the UK. And of course, there is no better feeling than promoting the city you live in, love and adore.

When did you realise that you could actually pursue your passion as a travel content creator and leave employment? 

I started my travel blog 7 years ago and there came a moment when I was having to turn down epic press trips and campaigns as I didn’t have enough annual leave to pursue the projects. The classic case of spinning a lot of plates – being a mum, working in TV (which isn’t your normal 9-5 job) and side hustling my content creator life just became too difficult and something had to give.

Sima’s reaction to winning the Travel bCreator of the Year Award

The decision to walk away from an 18 year career at the BBC in TV production wasn’t easy either, but I knew if I didn’t take the plunge to follow my passion I may not get the chance again – and I’ve never looked back! I absolutely feel like I’ve done a 360 in my career. From helping to make other people’s ideas come to life in the TV world, I now do it for myself on my own channels.

What’s been your most memorable travel experience from the past year?

Without doubt my trip to Nepal with World Vision. It was a campaign to showcase the wider impact child sponsorship has on vulnerable communities and to highlight projects they run in the area. I’ve been sponsoring a child with World Vision for over 16 years so it was incredible to see exactly how the money sponsors send is spent.
The whole experience had a profound affect on me, from meeting my sponsored child Nasrin to witnessing the hardships people faced and hearing their heart breaking stories. The trip left an indelible mark on my heart.

Are there any travel brands or destinations that you’d love to work with and why?

After working with World Vision, I’ve realised going forward I want to use my platforms more to highlight the other side of travel too. The side we don’t get to see and but as travellers we should be aware of when visiting certain countries. So more charities to show travellers how to travel for good.

In relation to my bucket list destinations – Anyone out there working with Japan or Antarctica looking for a content creator? Just saying – I’m free!

Sima on the bCreator Awards 2023 red carpet with Hello Miss Jordan (left) and Bonnie Rakhit (centre)

Do you know what your most viewed content is and why do you think it did so well?

My viral series ‘Things in London Nobody Tells You’ runs on both Instagram and TikTok. I think its success lies in the fact that it’s an authentic and real take on London. Uncovering hidden gems it provides a deeper dive into London beyond the usual tourist spots and latest new experiences which are all over social media. It makes the audience feel like you’re letting them into a secret and helps them experience the city that has been crowned the best in the world as a local.

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