Nominate in the bCreator Awards 2024

The rules and frequently asked questions about the bCreator Awards

Awards 2021
Q: How do I nominate?

You can nominate right here on our website from 8am (BST) on May 1st. It is not necessary to nominate in every category, just nominate for the ones you have favourites in. 

• You can nominate yourself for an award. 
• You do not need to pay to nominate. 
• There is no minimum follower requirement to be nominated.  
• You only need to have 1 nomination to be considered.

Nominations will close on June 1st at 11:55pm, so make sure you let us know your favourites before then!

Q: What are the creator categories for 2024?

1. Fashion bCreator of the Year
2. Beauty bCreator of the Year
3. Lifestyle bCreator of the Year
4. Parenting bCreator of the Year
5. Health + Wellbeing bCreator of the Year
6. Food bCreator of the Year
7. Book bCreator of the Year
8. Travel bCreator of the Year
9. Business/Finance bCreator of the Year
10. Gaming bCreator of the Year
11. Changemaker bCreator of the Year
12. Sex and Relationships bCreator of the Year
13. Entertainment bCreator of the Year
14. Podcast bCreator of the Year
15. Creators’ Choice – Best Brand to Work With
16. Creators’ Choice – Best Brand’s Social Media
17. bCreator Special Recognition Award
18. The bCreator of the Year

Q: What are the creator marketing categories for 2024?

1. Fashion Creator Marketing Campaign
2. Beauty Creator Marketing Campaign
3. Health & Wellbeing Creator Marketing Campaign
4. Gaming Creator Marketing Campaign
5. Travel Creator Marketing Campaign
6. The bCreator Creator Marketing Campaign

Q: What are the industry categories for 2024?

1. Talent Management Agency
2. Boutique Talent Management Agency
3. Influencer Marketing Agency
4. Boutique Influencer Marketing Agency

Q: What is the date range for creator marketing campaign nominations?

Campaigns can be nominated that were between May 1st 2023 and May 1st 2024.

Q: How will creators, campaigns and agencies be shortlisted for each award?

Our bCreator editorial team will go through all of the nominations, and put together a shortlist of nominees for each award. Finalists will be chosen on the following criteria:

For creators: On the nomination form, you will find: reason for nominating. These reasons will be reviewed in the first stage of the shortlisting process. We will then consider: Originality and Creativity, Consistency and Quality, Engagement and Interaction, Diversity of Content, Innovation and Adaptability, Personal Branding, Growth and Evolution.

Special Recognition Award: This award recognises a creator who has made a significant and lasting impact on the industry and has contributed to its growth and success.

The bCreator of the Year Award: This is the main award at the event, as it recognises the top overall creator of the year. This award takes into account the creator’s influence and impact across multiple categories, demonstrating their versatility and ability to captivate audiences across various platforms. This award is given to the creator who has made the most significant impact on the creator economy over the past year, and who has established themselves as a leader in the industry.

For creator marketing campaigns: Authenticity, Engagement, Creativity, Effectiveness, Diversity and inclusion, Relevance, Integration, Compliance and ROI.

For Influencer Marketing Agencies: Creativity and Innovation, Campaign Performance and ROI, Quality of Creator Relationships, Strategy and Planning, Client Satisfaction and Reputation.

For Talent Management Agencies: Talent Development, Client Satisfaction, Creator Diversity, Industry Reputation and Business Growth.

Q: When will the shortlist be announced?

The shortlist will be announced in mid-July and will be open to public vote until the 31st of August at 11:55pm.

Q: How will the winners of each award be selected?

For creators: Our judging process is weighted at 60% bCreator Committee and 40% public vote, which we believe strikes the right balance between acknowledging the expertise of industry professionals and the importance of audience engagement. While the public vote ensures that creators with a strong connection to their audience are recognised, the bCreator Committee brings in their experience, knowledge and industry expertise to evaluate the nominees based on their creativity and diversity of content, consistency and quality, engagement and interaction and growth and evolution. This mix allows us to ensure a fair and well-rounded selection of winners, that’s not solely based on popularity, but also on the creators’ merits and achievements.

NB: The only exceptions to this judging process for creators is for the Special Recognition Award , which – as the high engagement of their audience/content is already known – will be judged solely by the bCreator Committee. Creators’ Choice – Best Brand to Work With & Creators’ Choice – Best Brand’s Social Media will be 100% public vote.

For creator marketing campaigns: The judging process is weighted 60% towards the bCreator Committee and 40% towards the public vote. This process ensures that campaigns are evaluated on their creative response (originality), the quality and engagement of the content, how diverse the campaign is and the success/figures achieved by it, while still taking into account how well they engage and resonate with consumers. This approach ultimately allows us to recognise and celebrate the most exceptional campaigns, and encourages a continuous improvement of the industry as a whole.

For industry categories: 
1. Influencer Marketing Agency and Boutique Influencer Marketing Agency will also be judged by this 60% bCreator Committee / 40% public vote process. As we would like creators who have worked with them on campaigns to be able to vote for those who have been great to work with.
2. Talent Management Agency and Boutique Talent Management Agency will be judged solely by the bCreator Committee. We have decided this as we think that the public vote would be mainly made up of those creators signed to the Talent Management Agencies. 

Q: Who are the bCreator Awards Committee?

The committee is composed of industry professionals and creators. Committee members will be allocated categories to judge when the shortlist is announced. They will not be asked to judge creators they represent, campaigns that they have worked on, or themselves. 

Q: What happens if I’m shortlisted?

Firstly, congratulations! Secondly, if you are nominated as a creator, you will receive one complimentary ticket to the event. We are not able to provide +1s to the event.

If you are nominated as an agency/brand, you will receive one complimentary ticket to the event per agency/brand (not per category).

Q: When and where will the winners of each category be announced?

The winners of each award will be announced during an awards ceremony in London in October. Finalists will be invited to attend and winners will be given their awards during the ceremony. Winners will also be announced on our socials and later on our website, for anyone unable to attend the ceremony.