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About Us

Hello! We’re the bCreator™ Team.

We’ve been in the industry for 10 years and help brands and creators to forge direct relationships, build their networks and grow their business opportunities – and have fun whilst they do it!

The Creator Economy is a human industry built on trust.

Creators are people, who have real relationships with their audiences.
But, the Creator Economy is also saturated. It is now harder than ever before to stand out as:

1) A Brand

2) A Creator

In an online world, with thousands of databases of creators, and thousands of email addresses for brands,
how do you cut through?

You take it offline. You meet the person behind the email.

How can you meet brands/creators that are relevant to you?

You attend a curated bCreator™ event, and:

1) Save yourself time and energy
2) Be welcomed into a powerful community
3) Forge direct relationships
4) Grow your business opportunities
5) Have fun!


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