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Britt Bagnall

Britt Bagnall

You can always hear Britt and her Canadian accent before you see her! Her love for the industry is apparent from the minute you meet her and it’s no wonder she set out on her own and gave life to boutique influencer marketing agency Cherry Pick Talent all those years ago. 

Britt founded Cherry Pick in 2016 as a way to support brands who wanted to make influencers a part of their marketing day in and day out. Since CPT do not represent any talent, they are in a position to act as an extension of brands’ marketing teams and focus on cherry picking the right talent for every activation and moment. Clients range from Epic Games to HelloFresh to Glasses Direct to Playtika and enlist the help and social power from influencers to celebrities to athletes to pets! Britt and her small but mighty team of 15 have done it all! 

In addition to the Cherry Pick team, Britt also has a partnership with kid-tech company, SuperAwesome. Together, SuperAwesome and Cherry Pick launched SA Creators which is a team of influencer marketing specialists who focus on partnering with influencers and brands to create amazing social content and making the internet a safer place for the next generation. 

It’s been 10 years since Britt moved from Canada to the UK, where she has 3 young children under the age of 4! When she is not booking talent for the next campaign, she is jetting back to Canada to spend time with family and friends at her lake house in Canada – where the internet is fast and life is slow!