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Pandora talk creator programme and long term partnerships

In 2023 for the bCreator Awards we introduced a new category, “Creators’ choice: Best brand to work with” to give creators with an opportunity to shine a light on brands who are doing an incredible job in the creator space.
It was a very competitive category with some industry titans in the mix including Sky, Disney, eBay and Pandora.

It was Pandora who picked up the trophy, not long after their memorable campaign over NYFW. Following their win, we asked them about their creator programme and what they look for in creators they work with…

What does your creator programme look like, how do you find creators to work with, how can creators find you?

We work with a group of 20-30 ambassadors for 6-12 months called the Pandora Collective across Instagram, TikTok and YouTube. Each Influencer creates one piece of paid content per month on their main channel, which we then utilise across Paid channels as well as on CRM, in-store and on our website.
Each talent is given a gift card each month to order in the pieces they feel resonate most with their personal style and to refresh their collection, allowing them to stack and layer lots of pieces.

Members from the Pandora team collecting the bCreator Award

We find which creators to work with in many ways, we have lots of talent reaching out to us by email with their profiles to review, and we are constantly on the lookout ourselves on social media, ensuring we’re working with diverse & inclusive talent that also help to represent our Pandora customer. We will also always try to meet with any potential talent in order to make sure our values align and to build a relationship, as this is something we really value at Pandora. 

Can you share with us a success story or creator campaign you’re particularly proud of?

I’m particularly proud of our Diamonds by Pandora campaign that took place in September 2023 over NYFW. We organised an Influencer trip to New York and hosted an event there with our celebrity global ambassadors such as Pamela Anderson, Halle Bailey, Precious Lee and Ashley Park also in attendance. We worked with photographers to shoot some really fun New York street style content with our Influencer attendees, which was then used on our global channels.

The trip drove a huge amount of organic coverage and mass reach and awareness, with our guests tagging us consistently throughout, which then resulted in our most successful month ever for the Pandora Collective. It helped to prove why events and influencer trips are so important for brands!

What do you think of one-off partnerships versus long term partnerships?

We changed the way we work in 2022, so now we only do long term partnerships with ambassadors that we call the Pandora Collective. We’ve seen huge success since changing our strategy as the partnership feels much more authentic as opposed to doing lots of one-off partnerships, and audiences can see that. It allows us to build strong relationships with our talent, and over time it allows them to build up a great collection of staple jewellery pieces that they wear every single day, which resonates with their audience.

What qualities do you think are particularly appreciated by creators when working with a brand like Pandora?

We choose the talent we work with based on their profile, and we want their content for Pandora to feel genuine and authentic to their usual style. We make sure our briefs are put together in a way that allows the Influencer to interpret it in their own way and style, and since we’ve been doing this, we’ve seen a big change in engagement and have received such positive feedback from our ambassadors as they feel like they are allowed to be super creative with each campaign.