Vote in the bCreator Awards 2024

bCreator Awards 2024 nominations open 1st May!

Social media lit up on the 1st April with some outlandish announcements and unexpected twists, inspired of course by April Fools’ Day… but we had our own very exciting (but very real) announcement to make on April 1st that just couldn’t wait until the 2nd…

That’s right, The bCreator Awards are back, officially launching one month later on the 1st May when nominations will be accepted from midday, British Summer Time.

But, what does this mean?!

We’ve had a flurry of messages since the announcement, so we want to share some answers to frequently asked questions we receive…

Where do I nominate?

At midday BST on the 1st May a nominations form will be available right here, so bookmark it and set a reminder in your calendar! Once it is live you can go ahead and fill it in with your nominations for creators, industry and/or brand campaigns. There is no fee to enter!

How do I get nominated as a creator?

You can nominate yourself! There are no requirements for entry – you just have to be a creator with an online/social media presence.
The bCreator team will go through all the entries and create a shortlist that will be revealed in July.

On the nomination form you will find ‘reason for nominating’, these reasons will be reviewed in the first stage of the shortlisting process so we highly recommend making this a short but impactful statement about why this year has been monumental.

If you have a manager, you can also ask them to nominate on your behalf – but remember you only have to be nominated once to be considered and making the shortlist isn’t determined by who receives the most nominations.

You can view more information about how we create the shortlist here.

I’m a brand and work with creators, how can I get involved?

You can put forward your brand campaign(s) from the last 12 months for an Award by filling out the relevant section on the nominations form. There is no fee to enter and any information you share (including data/results) will be kept confidential. Previous brand campaign winners include eBay UK and TUI.
You can also sponsor an Award or register your interest in a table to attend the ceremony.

How will I find out if I’m nominated/shortlisted?

Nominations will be accepted until the 1st June and then the shortlist will be revealed in July on our website and via our social media channels. We will tag you in the announcement post if you have an active account on the platform and follow up with a direct message.

How do I increase my chances of making the shortlist?

We receive a significant about of nominations so (as mentioned above), ‘reason for nominating’ is an important primary factor to help us filter through the initial load. Please think about milestones, achievements and significant events in your creator journey over the past year that you’re really proud of and are a cause for celebration.
Did you create content for a campaign that went viral and was talked about on TV/radio? Did you publish a best selling book? Have you used your platform to raise money for a good cause? Are you responsible for a viral TikTok trend or series? These are the kind of things we need to know in a few words!

What happens after I get shortlisted?

Firstly, congratulations! Next, the public vote opens and the bCreator Committee (our judges) will also be assigned categories to judge. These will be combined to decide the overall winner. You can view more information about how the public vote and committee vote is weighted for each of the different categories here as there are some exceptions.

What is the bCreator Committee?

The bCreator Committee is made up of Creators, Creator Economy Experts and Captains of Industry, each bringing their own expertise to the important process of judging our categories to the highest and most rigorous standards. 
We will be announcing our bCreator Committee for 2024 in due course, but to give you an idea have a look at some of the name who participated last year right here.

And that’s it! We’ll keep you posted via our social media and newsletter for updates on the nominations, brand sponsors and the bCreator Committee. If you have any other questions, please use the relevant button below!

Thank you,

bCreator Team x