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Blogosphere’s inaugural Beauty Creator Show was hosted on Friday 15th of July in Shoreditch. The event brought together beauty brands, industry platforms, talent managers and beauty creators, who were treated to a day of exhibitions, panels, presentations and networking.

#BlogosphereBeautyCreatorShow sponsors:

The creators attending had a collective following of more than 25 million, and enjoyed complimentary hot drinks from Stobbs, and ice cream from Oppo Brothers.

SyncVault provided a brilliant event playlist, and the venue was decked with many photo moments – including flower walls, and a mermaid shimmer backdrop! As a result there was a huge amount of coverage of the day – we had to make three highlights on our Instagram to share all the stories!

Guests arrived on the pink carpet and picked up a lanyard which had their name and a QR code on which linked to their site or social media page.

What we love about these in-person events is how brands, creators and talent managers can build a rapport, ask questions and learn from one another – conversations and insight which is not easy to replicate over email or social media.
Creator Josephine B. enjoyed the event “to see faces behind the brand… because we’re so used to emailing just random emails” and guest panellist Lorna Luxe said “here is a place where you can learn and share ideas and fears and not be met with puzzled faces.”

…whether you’re a creator or a brand you feel special and you feel thought of

Sophie Marshall, SANS-
SANS- stand

The event space had two sections, an exhibition room where attendees could meet brands face to face and learn about their products and services.

…in there I saw so many trendy, coming up brands

Wintana Welday (creator)

Showcasing in this space was Athletia Beauty who are from Japan and have recently launched in the UK and SANS- who produce sustainable and natural deodorant.

Stobbs IP also had a stand where guests could pick up a free hot drink and learn about how they can help creators protect their brand and intangible assets.

Provenance were also in attendance, Founder and CEO Jessi said “it’s fantastic to be here meeting people in person”.

AGORA generously provided guests with boxes containing a mix of beauty products and were on hand to share insight about their app.

…it’s a great way for us to meet people, create that relationship

Flavia de Pfyffer, AGORA

YouTube Shorts also had a stand where creators could meet people from YouTube and learn about creating short form video content on the platform.

Presentation by YouTube Shorts at Blogosphere Beauty Creator Show

Creators could also meet Peblo at the Beauty Creator Show, their platform aims to solve the pain point of long payment terms and chasing invoices.

We were also delighted to have SyncVault at the event – select creators can access great music for their content through SyncVault and get paid to do so! Many attendees enjoyed visiting SyncVault’s stand to take a photo using their selfie camera against a mermaid shimmer backdrop.

It’s been amazing to be in a place where you can talk face to face with creators

Bianca Glynn, SyncVault

There were numerous presentations from brands throughout the day, including one from LTK all about how to boost your revenue as a creator, and four panel discussions.

Presentation by LTK

The Beauty Creator Show 2022 Schedule

The morning schedule

9.30am – 10.20am

Panel hosted by Alice Audley (Blogosphere Founder and CEO) with Snatched by Will, Nikki Lilly, Monica from Eminence Management and Andie from SEEN Connects – ‘Gen Z and the future of Beauty Content’

10.30am – 10.50am

Presentation by LTK – ‘How to boost your Creator business earnings with LTK

10.50am – 11.30am


11.30am – 11.50am

Presentation by SyncVault – ‘Monetizable Music: a new revenue stream for creators’

12.00 – 12.20pm

Presentation by Provenance – ‘Love beauty, hate greenwash! How you can be part of the sustainability brand revolution’

12.30pm – 1.30pm

Panel hosted by Emma Guns with Lorna Luxe, Really Ree, Demi Colleen and Jessica Joseph – ‘Beauty Creator Campaigns in 2022’

The afternoon schedule

2.30pm – 3.20pm

Panel hosted by Charlotte SevenSix with Viv Yau, Afro Glory and Geo West – ‘Beauty creator budgets’

3.30pm – 3.50pm

Presentation by Stobbs IP – ‘Creators: Protecting yourself and your brand’

4pm – 4.20pm

Presentation by Peblo

4.30pm – 4.50pm

Presentation by YouTube – ‘YouTube Shorts: Everything you need to know’

5pm – 5.45pm

Panel hosted by Jackie Adedeji with Joshua Reade, Sophie Baverstock and Ur Gal Sal – ‘Creative content’

5.45pm – 6.45pm


We’re excited to announce the bCreator Beauty Show (#BCBS) will be returning November 2023!