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bCreator Health & Wellbeing Show – The Line-up & Schedule | 30th June 2023

We’re delighted to share with you the speaker line-up, brands and schedule for the bCreator Health & Wellbeing Show, a premium event for creators & talent managers, brands & industry platforms involved and interested in health and wellbeing. The day contained packed schedule of networking, panels, presentations and showcases in store for attendees…

The bCreator Health & Wellbeing Show followed a similar format to our bCreator Travel Show (in March 2023) and Beauty Creator Show (in July 2022) by taking place over one day and split into a morning and afternoon session.

The event took place in Central London on Friday 30th June. Follow along on social media: #BCHWS


The Health & Wellbeing Show is by invitation for Creators and Talent Managers, and exclusive to those who are showcasing for Brands and Industry Platforms which we are pleased to share are: Instagram, Lovehoney, LTK, Meta, Antler, ASA, Celutions and CoppaFeel!


Introducing the event host:

Hannah Witton

Hannah Witton is a sex educator, YouTuber, podcaster and author who has been making online content for over 10 years. Her content is all about having open, curious and taboo breaking conversations about sex and relationships and exploring all different aspects of sexuality.

bCreator Health & Wellbeing Show 2023:
The Morning Schedule

The morning session will begin at 9:30am with the final presentation concluding at 1pm. There will be a panel discussion monetising your Health & Wellbeing content, a presentation on TikTok tips, a fireside chat with Reed Amber, and a look into Lovehoney’s new womaniser wave!

9:45WELCOME ADDRESS: Hannah Witton
10:00-10:50PANEL: Monetising Your Health & Wellbeing Content: From Brand Deals to Affiliates
10:50-11:10PRESENTATION: TikTok 101 by Antler Social
11:10-12:00COFFEE/NETWORKING (50 mins)
12:00-12:40FIRESIDE CHAT: Reed Amber
12:40-1:00 PRESENTATION: Let’s get wet… and wild: A Self Pleasure Treasure Hunt…

Panel Host: Chloë Downes (10:00)

Chloë Downes is an award winning marketeer and the Founder & CEO at SHFT, an influencer talent management agency shifting the industry and bringing back the true meaning of the word ‘influence’.
Inclusivity is at the forefront of Chloë’s work and she has been vocal throughout her career about the need for diversity, not only in influencer campaigns but also, in the industry itself, especially in senior/management positions.

Chloë will be discussing ‘Monetising Your Health and Wellbeing Content: From Brand Deals to Affiliates’ with panellists (from L-R): David Larbi, Sarah Hildyard Braham (Head of Creator Success – UK at LTK), Milly Pickles and Esme Rice (Director, Global Influencer Practice Lead, Team Unilever, Mindshare Worldwide).

Sarah Hildyard Braham

Presentation by ANTLER (10:50)

Antler will be talking about all things TikTok and how to best use the platform. Creators – do you want to start or learn more about how to use TikTok effectively? Bring your questions and a notepad – Antler are a TikTok first agency!

Fireside chat: Reed Amber (12:00)

Sex Educator and presenter Reed Amber is the co-founder of ComeCurious and host of the award-winning F**ks Given podcast which has reached over 2.5 million downloads.

Reed has been in the adult industry for over 10 years both behind and in front of the camera. She has always been passionate about achieving equality and high levels of duty of care in an industry that can lack both.

Presentation by Lovehoney (12:40)

Get ready for a A Self Pleasure Treasure Hunt with Alix Fox & the new Womanizer Wave by Lovehoney!

bCreator Health & Wellbeing Show 2023:
The Afternoon Schedule

The afternoon session will begin at 2pm with the final panel concluding at 5:30pm. There will be a panel discussion on navigating building your social presence, a live podcast recording with Hayley Morris, a fireside chat with the ASA (who will be answering your questions), tips on how to avoid burnout, and time for networking.

2:15WELCOME ADDRESS: Hannah Witton
3:10-3:30PRESENTATION: The ASA answer your questions 
3:30-4.20COFFEE/NETWORKING (50 mins)
4:20-4.40PRESENTATION: Top tips for avoiding burnout as a creator with Celutions
4:40-5:3PANEL: Social Media & Mental Health: Navigating the Challenges of Building an Online Presence

Podcast Guest: Hayley Morris (2:30)

Hayley Morris is a comedy actor and writer with 7 million followers across her platforms. She’s an exceptional talent, tackling taboo topics and championing feminist themes.

Hayley has won Creator of the Year at the Funny Women Awards 2021, TikToker of the year at the bCreator Awards 2021, and was featured in the Sunday Times Style Sunday 10 Faces to Know in 2022.

Presentation by The ASA (3:10)

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) will be here to answer questions from creators – anything from how to disclose correctly, previous partnerships, own brands and more!

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) is the UK’s independent advertising regulator. The ASA makes sure ads across UK media stick to the advertising rules (the Advertising Codes).

Presentation: Celutions (4:20)

Celine Erorh is a qualified Mental Health Expert and Stress Management Coach, helping overworked professionals and entrepreneurs shift their thoughts so they can stress less and do more with their lives.

She is also the founder of Celutions – a social enterprise that provides people with the necessary tools to look after their mental health.

Celine will be giving some top tips to avoid burn out as a creator.

Panel Host: Bel Merid (4:40)

Bel leads the Lifestyle & Wellness vertical at Instagram managing top Gen Z creators within verticals such as Fitness, Food, Art, Wellbeing and Sustainability across the UK and Scandinavia.
Her expertise centres around community building both offline and online as well as providing creative strategy and amplifying impact across Instagram and Facebook.

Bel Merid will be discussing ‘Social Media and Mental Health: Navigating the Challenges of Building an Online Presence‘ with panellists (from L-R): Gemma Styles, Tasha Bailey, Self Love Liv and Max Selwood.

“We partnered with Blogosphere for the Travel show and they delivered a beautiful and insightful event for creators. The Blogosphere Travel Show has been a good opportunity for us to meet our community of creators and to raise awareness about the Amazon Influencer Program. Alice and her team have been amazing to work with, they were extremely dedicated and have great standards and attention to the details.”

Lucrèce Sicat, Amazon Influencer Program

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