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The bCreator Awards celebrates the best of the UK Creator Economy; creators, creator marketing campaigns and agencies.

bCreator (formerly Blogosphere) was founded in 2013. Yes, this year is our 10th anniversary! Where has time gone?! 

We started life as a print magazine – Blogosphere – that curated the online world. It was our mission to showcase the professional side of the industry, and for people to take creators (bloggers back then) seriously. In addition to exclusive interviews with social media stars, each publication featured a directory of creators to follow across different ‘spheres’. 

Curation and celebrating different creators in the magazine, naturally progressed into an idea – in 2017 – that we should probably run our own Awards. And to take what we’d already been doing for 5 years in print into event form.

And thus the bCreator Awards were born…

We thought that the Awards would be well received, but we didn’t anticipate how big they would get… If you’d have told us back in 2017 that in 2022 the event would reach 179 Million People (audited figure!)… we wouldn’t have believed you!

But here we are. Now, as we head into 2023, our values are still the same – to highlight and celebrate the best of this amazing industry – it’s just at a bigger scale than ever before!

Watch our official video of the bCreator Awards that took place at the Roundhouse on the 10th October 2023…

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