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Stuart and Francis

Stuart & Francis

Uplifting, real & a little camp, Stuart & Francis are a new generation of gay mentors who have skyrocketed to fame on TikTok for their consistent message of happiness, family values and unique approach to storytelling.

All families face trials & tribulations in their unique way. With an increased representation of non-nuclear families across the entertainment landscape, Stuart & Francis invite you into their true story of how they brought their children Rio & Rebel into the world via surrogacy.

At the core, Stuart & Francis are traditional, heartfelt & at times saccharine. Expect to become addicted to their life with Rio, Rebel & pooch Dolly. Whether that’s jet-setting across the globe, interviewing on the red carpet, hosting fabulously flamboyant parties, or being at home, in the kitchen. All the chaos of everyday life is punctuated with moral messages, the joys & hard-hitting reality of raising a child as a parent in a single-sex household.

Big personalities & a flair for the dramatic, these doting fathers relish their roles as parents, developing their own little family.